Gayle Knapp, Ph.D, Editor



GayleKnappBioPhotoGayle Knapp is trained in the biological and chemical sciences. She received an AB degree (Chemistry) from Barnard College , a PhD (Biochemistry) from the University of Illinois , and postdoctoral training (Molecular Biology) at University of California at San Diego.

She has held faculty appointments at The University of Alabama at Birmingham and Utah State University and is now co-owner of CyberSym Technologies. Her research interests lie in the field of RNA structure/function, biosynthesis and gene structures. Having taught molecular biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and medical and dental microbiology, she strongly believes in an integrated teaching approach that emphasizes interconnectedness—neither molecules, reactions, pathways, nor organisms stand alone. Her vocation may be the biologically-derived sciences; however, her avocation is a curiosity for all things scientific that leads to an ardent desire to advance the understanding of those things by striving to improve scientific literacy.


Dr. Gayle has taught at the High School level as an interim or long-term substitute Science teacher (Biology, Chemistry, and Astronomy) and at the Middle School level as a long-term (5 months) substitute Math teacher. As such she understands and values the Common Core curriculum--having worked extensively with it in a range of STEM subjects.


Dr. Knapp can be found running or skijoring on trails of the intermountain western USA with a Siberian husky or designing jewelry using natural materials. Her philosophy is: “We're custodians of our Gaia for a mere mote of time but the results of our actions likely will persist into future ages. We need to realize how linked we are to each other and to this earth.”