Logically Speaking

Hypothesis, Theory, and Dogma


Written by Gayle Knapp

I have a theory...or is it a hypothesis...or am I just being dogmatic? Recent events and news coverage have highlighted the wrongful, interchangeable use of hypothesis and theory by reporters.




Written by Gayle Knapp

Perspective comes from either a firm foundation of information and solid analysis of the meaning of that information OR it comes from hindsight. Too many times we fail to consider the full ramifications of information and analysis and fail to make the correct decisions. We let hindsight be the sole driving force behind our perspective.




Written by Gayle Knapp

Science tells us that all parts of a system are interconnected—change one component and you affect the others. Quantum mechanics, relativity, string theory, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics all tell us that it is difficult, or impossible, to view most natural systems as operating independently. Fail to heed this interconnectedness and you may have an encounter with the Law of Unintended Consequences.