Shadi Farhangrazi, Ph.D, MS, MBA, Founder and Editor


DrShadiBioPicDr. Shadi is a biochemist, neuroscientist, strategist, entrepreneur, international speaker, and an expert in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship. She is the President, Founder and Managing Partner of management consulting firm Biotrends International™, Founder and Co-editor of online health and science education magazine “”, and founder of health and science education focused non-profit foundation “Biotrends Foundation”. Dr. Shadi is also a faculty at at Daniels College of Business, and University College, University of Denver. She teaches classes on Global Health, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Gayle Knapp, Ph.D, Editor



GayleKnappBioPhotoGayle Knapp is trained in the biological and chemical sciences. She received an AB degree (Chemistry) from Barnard College , a PhD (Biochemistry) from the University of Illinois , and postdoctoral training (Molecular Biology) at University of California at San Diego.


Cyndi Sauvage, Editor


CyndiSauvageBioPhotoCyndi Sauvage is a 15-year veteran of the publishing industry and has been involved in every aspect of writing, editing and producing a wide variety of magazines, books and newspapers (commercial and trade) in Colorado and New York City.